Tracking student behaviors has never been easier.

ClassScout is powered by its parent company, InSite Solutions.

InSite Solutions is a non-profit organization that was founded and is managed by clinical psychologists with a mission to help schools utilize trauma-informed educational practices to improve child mental health, through a combination of solutions.

  • Training and coaching

    for school leaders, teachers, and support staff to increase trauma sensitivity and apply trauma-informed strategies to the classroom

  • Data tracking solutions

    that offer simple secure platforms from which systematic school-wide tracking of student behavioral needs and progress can be conducted and analyzed

  • Increasing access

    to high quality, evidence-based mental health services via integrated, school-based programs and high quality community-based partnerships

Since its inception in 2013, InSite Solutions has provided its integrated model of school-based trauma-informed consultation to schools throughout Washington, DC. InSite Solutions’ team now services nearly 30 schools, collectively representing over 9,500 students per year, with direct consultation supporting over 700 children per week. InSite Solutions’ research-based model combines teacher and administrator coaching and consultation with empirically supported mental health intervention support.

To learn more about ClassScout or InSite Solutions’ partnership criteria and suite of services, please contact us at